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Q: Where are the plans available?
A: We invite you to brows this website where we maintain a current listing of approved states for plans. Please note that all plan designs may not be available in all states.

Q: What are the medical underwriting requirements for this plan?
A: All Members (and eligible dependents) of Consumer Health Association are automatically accepted with no medical underwriting requirements involved.

Q: Who is eligible for SureHealth plan coverage?
A: All new members of the Consumer Health Association (CHCA) are eligible for plan coverage.

Q: If I submit my application today, when does coverage begin? Coverage is not immediately effective at the time of application.
A: If you complete the application process from the 1st through the 15th of this month, your coverage is effective on the 1st of next month. If you complete the application process on the 16th through the last day of this month, your coverage is effective on the 15th of next month.

Q: When does my coverage end?
A: Coverage ends when premiums are discontinued (subject to your grace period), when your membership in Consumer Health ends, or when the policy terminates at age 70, whichever occurs first. Coverage for your dependent(s) ends on the earliest date the dependant no longer meets the definition of an eligible dependent or on the date that your coverage terminates, whichever occurs first.

Q: May I add / include my dependants on this plan? Who is eligible?
A: YES! Eligible dependants may be added or included on the Single +1 or Family plans. A lawful spouse is eligible from age 18 to 69 with coverage terminating at age 70. Unmarried, dependant children who reside in the home for more than six months per year and rely on our member for support and maintenance are eligible up to age 18 with extended eligibility up to age 24 for full-time students of accredited colleges.

Q: Are the restrictions involved with adding my dependents?
A: If you are adding previously uncovered dependants as a result of a life style change (marriage, birth or adoption), you must request to add the dependant(s) with 31 days of the event.

Q: What are the deductibles and co-pays with Plans?
A: There are no co-pays with any Plan benefit. There is a $100 deductible per accident with the Accidental Injury benefit and no deductible for any other association insurance based benefit. All other insurance based benefits pay the first dollar of covered expenses and up to the plan maximum for our member AND all eligible dependents!

Q. How are claims filed with my Plan?
A. As shown on the back of your Plan membership identification card, you would file the claim with Health Plan Administrators and all benefits are paid to you. For your convenience, we have also provided a toll-free number in case you have any questions about the claim process.

Q. Can I continue to see my doctor and the hospital closest to me?
A: YES! With Plans, Itís your Health. Itís your means you may go to any licensed doctor or hospital you choose and access every association insurance based benefit!

Q. Will I be denied benefits or Consumer Health Association membership if I have a Pre-Existing Condition?
A: No! New applicants are not denied membership because of a pre-existing condition. However, claims will not be paid related to a pre-existing injury or illness until the end of a continuous period of 12 months beginning on or after your effective date of coverage. Pre Ėexisting Condition is defined as: (1) Medical advice, consultation, care or treatment that was recommended by, or received from, a doctor within 12 months immediately prior to the effective date of coverage or (2) When symptoms existed within 12 months immediately prior to effective date of coverage that would cause any reasonable person to seek consultation, care, or treatment from a doctor.

Q. What if I was a previous member? May I become a member again at any time?
A: Yes. This would require a new application and Association Enrollment Fee. Your membership would require not only the same waiting periods (30 days for injury, and 12 months with no claims paid related to an injury or illness if there were symptoms or treatment or advice in the 12 months prior to the effective date of the policy) but previous plan maximums are reviewed as well. If you had been paid the lifetime maximum on the previous Plan, there would be no insurance based benefit claims paid on the new plan. If you had been paid the annual maximum on the previous plan, there would be no insurance based benefit claims paid during that same policy year even with the new plan.

SureHealth Plans is available in the following states:

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Terms and Conditions vary by state.

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